World leading agency puts State of Grace on their list of “New cool bands”

The world leading agency when it comes to syncronizing music with the largest brands in the world, i.e Music Dealers, have put us on their list of new cool bands. Who would have guessed that this small town band could be considered to be world class cool. We are flattered and excited to be in the music dealers line up.

Tonigth we are shooting new press photos for our upcoming US journey. It’s closing in, it’s closing in.

Through prosperity and fail we say, right now we are having a lot of prosperity though. But we’ll inform you about our fails shortly.

Stay with us!


We are on Earbits, woop woop

So, there are plenty of music services out there. Some pick out only the best music. And they choose us! Flattering and awesome of course.

Anyways, right now we are preparing for travelling over to the US, new press photos, clothing and a lot of other need-to-do’s for that. We’ll inform you shortly.

In the meantime you can listen to us and discover new music on Earbits Free Online Radio

/Erik Ekblad, State of Grace

Through prosperity and fail!

US and A

It’s now official. State of Grace will cross the Atlantic sea in june to play in New York. So, this is one of the things we’ve been working secretly with lateley, and thank God, Allah, Shiva, Michael Jackson or whatever God you may beleive in that it paid off.

So here’s a list of problems that this creates.

  1. We are officialy extremely bad at finding our ways in cities larger than 5 000 habitants. How will we get around in this big apple? How do you find your way in a fruit does not give any constructive feedback on google. 
  2. Going on tour again means a lot of waiting, waiting and waiting. What kind of activities are suitable for a hotel room i New York?
  3. Where do we find enough converters for american power suppies?

Still good news! And we got more to come!

Doing remixes in Pop/rock genre?

Ok, so Sourz need a remix. Are remixes usually boring six minute monotonic beats compared to the original? Well, some would say. Let’s change that!

Why would it be impossible for a band like, say, State of Grace to make a remix? Turns out its not.

We just made our version of the Sourz beat “Round Up” which is now availible for votes on

A couple of hours in the studio and it was done. Watch out electronic producers all around the world. Your license to remix is now concurred! 🙂

Recording bells

Bells are maybe not the coolest instrument of mankind, but sometimes the coolest option is not the best. For the not-so-cool instruments, we have Hampus as the natural talent. Why? ..well, he is more able than anyone else to relate to a silly instrument. The following quote is from our rehersal last sunday.

– I think this song has a good attitude and that’s why we should continue to work with it, says Erik E.
Hampus responds
– I don’t get it
. Erik J:
– How come you never seem to relate to the songs with attitude in it?
– If I don’t have any attitude, how could I relate to it?

Words of honesty.

Here is Hampus recording a silly instrument.

The latest!

This is the latest we’ve got! The song I Can Only Guess is one of the songs from the album Universal Remedy released on jan 23.

I Can Only Guess with its video shows and tells you about our home town, or actually towns of that kind, or even more right how we feel about towns of that kind. We’ve heard so many songs about how the big city life kills you when you are young. We know nothing about that fuzz, the only story we know is our own and here it is.

Jaha, vad gör vi nu då? Ni skulle bara veta!

Igår släppte vi våran nya singel I’ll Get Over It och tillhörande musikvideo (se video nedan). Det var ju kul, men som de framtidssträvande, produktiva och briljanta maskiner vi är så har vi såklart massa annat godis på gång. Hela albumet släpps i oktober och vi funderar på om man kanske skulle ha ett glammigt releaseparty då någon gång. Vi kommer släppa en till video till en låt på skivan samtidigt som den släpps. 
Vi håller på med våran briljanta cover och gungar i takt till den i replokalen. Sen håller vi såklart på med det vanliga: 
  • Hampus spelar nintendo i replokalen trots löftet “när jag har klarat den här banan ska jag sluta”
  • Erik putsar sina cymbaler och lägger sen in dem i det dammiga förrådet för att bli tvungen att putsa dem även nästa rep. 
  • Johan skruvar på låtarna. Det som ska höjas i volym ena repet ska sänkas i det andra. 
  • Jag själv, har såklart inga brister, förutom då kanske att jag glider in på repen och försöker koka kaffe, misslyckas, kokar igen, tappar bort mobil, nycklar, sladdar, plektrum mm, startar en diskussion med Hampus som ingen kan vinna och diskuterar tills vi båda glömt bort vad det handlade om från början, kaffet har nu kallnat, ska koka nytt, slut på filter, försöker hitta en lösning. Sen är repet slut och jag har inte fattat att vi börjat. Men annars är jag nog bäst.
 Äh vafan, här har ni videon. / Erik Ekblad, oförstådd, oförstående, förståndslös sångare i SoG