Music monday

Here is a spotify playlist of all our music monday’s contributions, see all ouf our posts below.

Nov 25 2013 – The Ark! They made the glam rock cool again, and always have amazing speeches in their live performances. We love them, here is Calleth you, cometh I. Just enjoy!

Nov 18 2013 – OK, lead singer here! I want to give you a real music tip that has given me a lot of happiness through the years. The true legend Bob Seger who made songs like, Rock & Roll Never Forgets, Still the same and Shame on the moon have some really inspiring tracks. One of them is Roll me away, a song that i listened to practically every morning for about 6 months to start off the day. The lyrics are one of the absolute best I know. Also listen to the Hellacopters version of Strut, or Thin Lizzy’s version of Rosalie. Truly amazing tracks!

Oct 28 2013 – We once had the wonderful privilege of being the opening act for Melody Club, a band that have been in all band members headphones frequently for many years. We had an after party at our backstage area and it was amazing to get to know these awesome people in one of Swedens best electronic bands through all times. The way Melody club manages to combine the electronic sound with electric guitars is so mutch harder than one could expect, but somehow they always seem to make it natural. This song is named Paralyzed and one of the latest they’ve made. A real hit song that deserves more attention.

Oct 14 2013 – Our keyboard player Hampus thinks that he always look depressed. We have always thought that it’s just the way he wants to show himself, but he claims that its because of todays music choice at Music Monday which is a band that he has been listening to for many years now. This is how he explains it: “Gorillaz often use sad harmonies and melancholic melodies in their unique sound and the best remedy is probably one week with “Oh happy day” in the earphones.” So here comes the most depressing music hampus can come up with. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Oct 7 2013 – One of our big ispirations through the entire lifetime of our band has been The Killers. We actually used the song Spaceman as a reference to our mastering of our first album. But when we learned a bit more how things could sound we realized that the mastering of that track isn’t even that good. One thing about The Killers is that they have this amazing drummer, Ronnie Vannucci Jr. He’s never overdoing anything but mixing in som music candy in every song, with simple fill-ins in odd places that actually fits in and doesn’t make the drums sound like someone in the back of the stage think he doesn’t get enough attention. For us he’s a big key in The Killer’s sound.

Ronnie Vannuci Jr.

Sep 30 2013 – We think it was Hampus that brought this track to the studio one day, not sure though, and we all got attached to it immediately. Punching in a dream have been one of our big insiprational songs for some time now, combining electronic sounds with guitar and a sweet “straight to the point”-feeling. These guys are from New Zeeland but their music has been placed in an incredible amount of TV-series, Vampire diaries and Grey’s anatomy just to mention some of them.

Listen to the electronic bass and the extremely pushed and distorted sound. That’s what we love.

Sep 23 2013 – Hampus is at the hospital right now shooting up Morphine through his vains like never before. He’s there to remove his appendix which became an acute situation during the night. He’s alright and waiting for operation in typing moment. He’s telling us he feel confident in his new dress and super trendy socks. We dedicate the song “I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats. A splendid song for this occasion, which now will represent that even a music monday can be a monday when you don’t feel at your best. Get well Hampus and let’s join in to his music listening by pushing play on this fine classic.


Sep 16th 2013 – Youngblood Hawke, a quite new band from California, will be this monday’s music tip. We quite recently discovered the song We come running and put it on our inspirational playlist for our new album. After looking a little bit closer at the band and the song, it turns out that they have been a selected Coca cola band as well. So, we guess it couldn’t be more appropriate to have this awesome track as our first #MusicMonday contribution.


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