Good artists never gets a tan

We are currently in the middle of making another album, which can be seen as quite wierd as it wasn’t that long ago since we released Universal Remedy and our track Gazebo just got released on Spotify through Coca Cola. But since then we have got record deals with India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka so we want to give something new to them. The tracks we are making sounds awesome and we will soon publish our inspirational playlist on Spotify to give you a hint of how it will sound.

Other than that, we have some news that is not official that we are very eager to publish but wait for an approval to go official with. In the meantime, you can watch our roadmovie from New York which also includes one of the new songs, Cracking the walls. A song that describes our journey from playing in the smallest youthclubs in Sweden, pretending that it was a Wembley sized stage and cracking the walls for what we beleive.

Many thanks for hangin around!

State of Grace, through prosperity and fail


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