New york, New york

Yes! New York was awesome!

We were the most popular band on the Cake shop showcase in New York this monday and we got many new contacts with music business representatives. That’s the kind of prosperity that we like.

On the fail-side though, we had to make an emergency landing on our way home near the Canadian boarder do to an medical emergency for a passenger on our plane. Tough luck again! Missed transfer flight in Berlin and lost our baggage at the same place. We never seem to get it right when we travel.

From one thing to another, We have some great news on our “State of Grace goes international”-movement. Indias biggest record label, Times Music, has shown interest in releasing our music in India. This is amazing! We can now proudly say that we will be present in a market of 1.2 billion people. Haha….love it.

Now, we only have the rest of the world to go.

/State of Grace, through porosperity and fail


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