The final preparations for USA is ongoing. Every sound is modified into perfection. Even though we have heard that the weather is awesome, we lock ourselves into our studio with windows covered for optimized sound quality, and as someone in the music business said: “Good artists never get time for a sunburn”. True that!

The set list is taking shape and as always we prioritize intensity. Our showcase in New York will be 30 minutes of pure sweat and energy. Right now I’m having thoughts of starting the performance by shouting: “You are looking at State of Grace, the band of promise, the band of the free”. I always wanted to say that but it is only ligitimate to do in the states….well, finally!

The little drummer boy Erik thinks he’s as prepared as he can be and have decided to clear out waste material from his belly button today. I think that this might give you a picture of how the strive for perfection is shown in every part of our work. From the loudest sounds to the cleanest belly button State of Grace is now prepared.




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