Oh Canada! Is it season for maple Syrup?

Soon we are heading off to Toronto on our first Canadian tour.

So far, the official and announced bookings are.

May 7th. Hard rock cafe 12:00AM
May 8th. Johnny Jackson 01:00AM

We are going to promote our upcoming album “Field of Triggers”

Check out the video for Bliss, the first track on the album.


State of Grace VIP

We have been thinking about something special to give to all of you that are actually following us activly, it’t not easy as handing out stuff is easy at a concert but more difficult on internet. But Hey Technology, sounds can be transmitted. On top of that, we don’t like keeping secrets so why not let people listen to what we are working on at the moment.

So for all of you awesome people, we have set up a VIP room on our facebook page where you can go in and listen to our upcoming album. We will add more sweets to the page as we go along.

For the right of public transparency into State of Grace’s music, we hereby announce the State of Grace V.I.P club official.

If you have any suggestions of what you want to see on the V.I.P-page, please let us know.

Thanks a lot!

State of Grace, through prosperity and fail.

Good artists never gets a tan

We are currently in the middle of making another album, which can be seen as quite wierd as it wasn’t that long ago since we released Universal Remedy and our track Gazebo just got released on Spotify through Coca Cola. But since then we have got record deals with India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka so we want to give something new to them. The tracks we are making sounds awesome and we will soon publish our inspirational playlist on Spotify to give you a hint of how it will sound.

Other than that, we have some news that is not official that we are very eager to publish but wait for an approval to go official with. In the meantime, you can watch our roadmovie from New York which also includes one of the new songs, Cracking the walls. A song that describes our journey from playing in the smallest youthclubs in Sweden, pretending that it was a Wembley sized stage and cracking the walls for what we beleive.

Many thanks for hangin around!

State of Grace, through prosperity and fail

State of Grace live-page

Dear ladies and hangarounds!

Our publisher have set up this awesome live-page where you can find a selection of recorded live gigs we have performed. For us this is the essense of what we are doing. When we first got signed, it was from our reputation as an explosive live band and from winning one of Sweden’s largest live competitions, also, the way people discover us is generally from our live gigs so this is what we do.

Check out this page and I’ll also put our latest live video which is from our live gig on Cake shop in New York.

Thanks for hangin around!



New york, New york

Yes! New York was awesome!

We were the most popular band on the Cake shop showcase in New York this monday and we got many new contacts with music business representatives. That’s the kind of prosperity that we like.

On the fail-side though, we had to make an emergency landing on our way home near the Canadian boarder do to an medical emergency for a passenger on our plane. Tough luck again! Missed transfer flight in Berlin and lost our baggage at the same place. We never seem to get it right when we travel.

From one thing to another, We have some great news on our “State of Grace goes international”-movement. Indias biggest record label, Times Music, has shown interest in releasing our music in India. This is amazing! We can now proudly say that we will be present in a market of 1.2 billion people. Haha….love it.

Now, we only have the rest of the world to go.

/State of Grace, through porosperity and fail


The final preparations for USA is ongoing. Every sound is modified into perfection. Even though we have heard that the weather is awesome, we lock ourselves into our studio with windows covered for optimized sound quality, and as someone in the music business said: “Good artists never get time for a sunburn”. True that!

The set list is taking shape and as always we prioritize intensity. Our showcase in New York will be 30 minutes of pure sweat and energy. Right now I’m having thoughts of starting the performance by shouting: “You are looking at State of Grace, the band of promise, the band of the free”. I always wanted to say that but it is only ligitimate to do in the states….well, finally!

The little drummer boy Erik thinks he’s as prepared as he can be and have decided to clear out waste material from his belly button today. I think that this might give you a picture of how the strive for perfection is shown in every part of our work. From the loudest sounds to the cleanest belly button State of Grace is now prepared.




Today we had a photosession with the excellent photographer Sebastian Niemi-Carlsson. You’ll find his artwork here.

Being in a photoshoot is a very stiff process, so we took the opportunity to relax a bit as well. Here’s a picture of that.

State of Grace

Today we also announced that our music is selected for Coca cola’s new international campaign. Which is as amazing as we can ever think about. They will use our song Gazebo, which they now have released on spotify. You can listen to it here

Thank you for following!

State of Grace, Through prosperity and fail